A Dedication

Below is a dedication that appeared in Coach Harper's book titled "A Complete History of Thomasville High School Football 1916-1954" which he completed in 1955. Just as Coach Harper did with his book, I thought by adding his dedication to this website, it would be a fitting tribute to the former Thomasville High School football players that gave their lives during World War II and to other former Bulldog players that have given their lives in other wars and conflicts since then.

Coach Harper's dedication:

Fifteen former students and football players of Thomasville High School gave their lives during World War II. Therefore, in their memory, I wish to dedicate this football history.

These boys, all of whom I coached, taught, played with and loved, never played harder to win, but the odds were too great. They simply changed colors and uniforms, took their instructions from another coach.

I can see in their young faces as they faced death for their loved ones, their country and their friends, an expression which I had seen many times on the local gridiron and which seem to say, "I did my best".

I knew all of them to be loyal members of the Sunday school, many were in my class and I have faith enough to believe that they were ready to meet the Keeper of the Records up yonder.

So with deepest respect, I dedicate this football history to these fifteen boys who gave their all for us.

Robert Allen, Jack Cannady, Gueary Caldwell, Lavon Cook, Nat Douglas, Joe Folsom, John Garrison, B.C. Gibson, Hilton Horton, Charlton Jones, Harry Letchas, Frederick Neel, Charles Smith, Leroy Walton and Billy Wilson.