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Coach Richard Marsh

Record in 93 games: 53-40-0

Winning Percentage: 56.989

Total scored: 2266

Total allowed: 1409

Average game: 24.37-15.15

Shutouts by Thomasville: 16

Shutouts by opponents: 3



Fri, Aug 19Thomas Co. CentralL24-45A[more]
Fri, Aug 26CairoL7-14H[more]
Fri, Sep 2DoughertyL0-14H[more]
Fri, Sep 9PelhamW41-0A[more]
Fri, Sep 16BerrienW45-14H[more]
Fri, Sep 30Brooks Co.W14-6A[more]
Fri, Oct 7AlbanyW27-13H[more]
Fri, Oct 14Early Co.L19-20H[more]
Fri, Oct 21CookL6-13A[more]
Fri, Oct 28Mitchell-BakerW28-0A[more]
State Playoffs
Fri, Nov 4FitzgeraldL0-28A[more]
Totals for 20055-6-0


Fri, Sep 1Thomas Co. CentralL7-21H[more]
Fri, Sep 8CairoL14-21A[more]
Fri, Sep 15Brooks Co.W28-20H[more]
Fri, Sep 22AlbanyW41-6A[more]
Fri, Sep 29BerrienW30-3A[more]
Fri, Oct 6CookW26-24H[more]
Fri, Oct 13Mitchell Co.W55-14H[more]
Fri, Oct 27FitzgeraldL10-14A[more]
Fri, Nov 3Randolph-ClayL14-28H[more]
Fri, Nov 10Early Co.L22-41A[more]
State Playoffs
Fri, Nov 17Dodge Co.L13-20A[more]
Totals for 20065-6-0


Sat, Sep 1Thomas Co. CentralL7-28A[more]
Fri, Sep 7CairoL14-20H[more]
Fri, Sep 14Brooks Co.W33-16A[more]
Fri, Sep 21AlbanyW48-6H[more]
Fri, Sep 28BerrienW41-0H[more]
Fri, Oct 5CookW28-0A[more]
Fri, Oct 12Mitchell Co.W51-21A[more]
Fri, Oct 26FitzgeraldW28-14H[more]
Fri, Nov 2Randolph-ClayW43-14A[more]
Fri, Nov 9Early Co.W23-0H[more]
State Playoffs
Fri, Nov 16LaneyW24-0H[more]
State Playoffs
Fri, Nov 23Savannah ChristianW20-14H[more]
State Playoffs
Fri, Nov 30LovettL16-20H[more]
Totals for 200710-3-0


Fri, Aug 29Thomas Co. CentralL7-13H[more]
Fri, Sep 5Colquitt Co.L7-10A[more]
Fri, Sep 12CairoL7-10A[more]
Fri, Sep 26Brooks Co.L6-14H[more]
Fri, Oct 3Early Co.W40-6A[more]
Fri, Oct 10AlbanyW49-6H[more]
Fri, Oct 17CookW14-7A[more]
Fri, Oct 24Mitchell Co.W35-7H[more]
Fri, Oct 31BerrienW35-0A[more]
Fri, Nov 7FitzgeraldW21-15H[more]
State Playoffs
Fri, Nov 14McIntosh Co. Acad.W20-7H[more]
State Playoffs
Fri, Nov 21DublinL14-21A[more]
Totals for 20087-5-0


Fri, Aug 28Thomas Co. CentralW13-9A[more]
Fri, Sep 4Colquitt Co.L19-34H[more]
Fri, Sep 11CairoL3-7H[more]
Fri, Sep 25Brooks Co.W21-6A[more]
Fri, Oct 2Early Co.W37-0H[more]
Fri, Oct 9AlbanyW54-0A[more]
Fri, Oct 16CookW17-0H[more]
Fri, Oct 23Mitchell Co.W48-16A[more]
Fri, Oct 30BerrienW35-7H[more]
Fri, Nov 6FitzgeraldL14-49A[more]
First Round
Fri, Nov 13Henry Co.W44-0H[more]
Second Round
Fri, Nov 20Jefferson Co.L17-24A[more]
Totals for 20098-4-0


Fri, Nov 5BerrienW70-13H[more]
Sat, Aug 21LovettW13-11A[more]
Fri, Oct 1Brooks Co.W21-0H[more]
Fri, Oct 15FitzgeraldL21-28H[more]
Fri, Oct 29CookL9-15A[more]
Fri, Aug 27Thomas Co. CentralL17-20H[more]
Fri, Sep 3PelhamW36-0H[more]
Fri, Sep 10Mitchell Co.W44-6H[more]
Fri, Sep 24Early Co.W49-21A[more]
Thu, Oct 7AlbanyW48-0A[more]
First round
Fri, Nov 12Jefferson Co.W17-14A[more]
Second round
Fri, Nov 19Tattnall Co.W24-21A[more]
Third round
Fri, Nov 26Carver ColumbusL14-40A[more]
Totals for 20109-4-0


Sat, Aug 20LovettL12-14H[more]
Fri, Aug 26Thomas Co. CentralL20-35A[more]
Fri, Sep 2PelhamW47-14A[more]
Fri, Sep 9Mitchell Co.W28-20H[more]
Fri, Sep 23Early Co.W13-12H[more]
Fri, Sep 30Brooks Co.L22-28A[more]
Thu, Oct 6AlbanyW35-20H[more]
Fri, Oct 14FitzgeraldL7-35A[more]
Fri, Oct 28CookW17-14H[more]
Fri, Nov 4BerrienW35-7A[more]
First Round
Fri, Nov 11Appling Co.L18-28A[more]
Totals for 20116-5-0


Sat, Aug 25Thomas Co. CentralL7-41H[more]
Fri, Aug 31CairoL0-21A[more]
Fri, Sep 7Stewart Co.W58-0H[more]
Fri, Sep 14WestminsterL17-27A[more]
Fri, Sep 28CookL3-17A[more]
Fri, Oct 5Brooks Co.L10-28H[more]
Fri, Oct 12BerrienW35-7H[more]
Fri, Oct 19Early Co.L14-17A[more]
Fri, Nov 2FitzgeraldL14-35A[more]
Fri, Nov 9PelhamW47-0H[more]
Totals for 20123-7-0