."."."."." Thomasville Bulldogs

Source: Photo courtesy of the Thomas Co. Museum of History. High-quality printed or digital copies of the images are available for sale at the Museum

1946 team photo

Norman Chastain, Gus Watt, Billy Carter, Bill Kelly, Danamar Kelly, John Upchurch, Louis Jerger, Billy Williams, Billy Woodward, John Musslewhite, Buddy Defreitas, Tut Carter, J. Dollar, Jimmy Thomas, K. Fulford, Tommy McComb, Cecil Redfern, Bobby Whiddon, Sheftall Lanter, Ronald Lewis, B. Dunlap, Donald Lewis, C. Woodson, H. Knight, J. Keyton, Rodger England, B. Cooper, Edward Shirley, J. Melton, Bobby Tillie, J. Swick, David Dillinger, J. Estridge, C. Chastain, W. Kindon, Cochran Scott, C. Callahan, Irwin Mitchell, Carl Hutchinson, Jim Rackley, Joe May, B. Inman, J. Stegall, J. Partin, Audrey Singletary.