."."."."." Thomasville Bulldogs

Source: Photo courtesy of the Thomas Co. Museum of History. High-quality printed or digital copies of the images are available for sale at the Museum

1965 team photo

Top to Bottom:

Jack Strickland, Maurice Chastain, Randy Dunlap, Sammy Wade, Bill Mott, Wiley Watt, Barry Goldstein, Morris Jenkins, Randy Brooks, Frank Holt, Robert Little, Buck Little, Sterling Hall, John Simmons, Alan Yaulk, Mike Jarrell, Jerry Richards, Johnny Lambert, Vaughn Gainous, Jeffery Neel, Wayne Bulloch, Nicky Joanos, Bobby Reichert, Denny Blair, Ray Dierlam, Les Martin, Mike Roper, John Higgins, Hank Spangle, George Truitt, Hugh Rockett, Ronnie Carney, Phil Bradner, Charles Lane, Tommy Williams, Jim Gaither, Roy Roper, Don Adams, Jimmy Crosby, Mike Pack, Johnny Chastain, Coach Frank Orgel, Coach Art Williams, Gary Brady, Captain; Andy Seery, Captain; Howard Stephens, Captain; Coach Joe Sumrall.